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Happy New Year folks. It’s the perfect time of year to learn something new! Do you have an app idea you’ve been dreaming of over the holidays? If so, we have just the opportunity for you! Starting February 1st, leading up to our big event on March 3rd, join us for #30DaysOfFlutter to kickstart your learning journey and meet Flutter experts in the community. Whether you are building your first Flutter app or looking to improve your Flutter skills, we have curated content, code labs, and demos!

Flutter is Google’s open source UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications…

They say, first impression is the last! Yep, truly for any amazingly crafted application, it’s easier to start impressing your audience with a good start — the splash screen! In this article, I will walk you through steps on how add splash screens to your Flutter application.

Splash screens are used to provide engagements with your user till the app loads. This allows your app to set the app engine and load app processes to initialise. You may keep your splash screen simple with some solid colors and text added or you might add some images with customised animations. …

Recently I spoke at multiple DevFests and one of my most favourite topic was “Flutter with Firebase”. No matter what both the technologies have made lives of developer easy. The scope of these products is huge as they cover multiple platforms like Android, iOS and Web. Another common purpose to use Flutter and Firebase is both of these products help in improving the performance of your application and best thing — they’re easy to use. While both of them have made their debut recently, they have gained popularity in no time and are trusted by the largest apps.

What is Flutter?

My response…

Starting of 2019, I had 5 ambitions to achieve and one of them was delivering 10+ tech talks around the year which would keep me engaged in learning technology despite of switching to a managerial position at work. I feel accomplished when I attempted 15+ talks until this point of the year and 40+ talks in the last 3 years. Thanks to the job I took this year, it gave me more opportunities than I could ask for :)

Source : Images from DevFest Kolkata 2019.

While there are dozens of articles explaining on how to be a good public speaker, I thought of collecting my learnings…

The free open source SDK for cross platform mobile application development has taken no time to get popularity and appreciation amongst the developers. May it be a freelance developer or an enterprise, the pros that come complimentary with the SDK have gained popularity within no time in the market. has supplemented this SDK with automation tools for creating teams, maintain workflows, perform automation testing and release a build for directly publishing on Play Store and App Store directly.

Here are 5 reasons how you can develop better and faster applications using Flutter :

  1. Developing attractive user interface : Flutter has a rich set of widgets that can be used and customised according to user…

Now that you have your app dynamic links ready, you’re ready to go viral. In case you missed on how to create dynamic links, you can refer my last article here.

I’m going to make this explanation lucid for you. Consider you have started a new business with friend with whom you tried cooking delicious sandwiches and you want to attract more attention towards it. Apart from the small marketing team set for your business, your friends, family can also help by working from their places remotely. …

If you want to make your product popular, the strategy of mouth publicity is unavoidable part of the marketing campaigns. In the world of technology, referrals are substituted by mouth publicity. The concept of Firebase Dynamic links has basket full of services that help you creating links for referring your product(apps in this case), tracking them and also analysing the growth(app downloads) with multiple categories and filters. You can explore more about Firebase features and functionalities here.

I shall be explaining you an adventurous recipe of making sandwiches(dynamicUrl) and also serving fries and juice(additional tracking parameters) with this healthy dish(dynamicUrl)…

Most applications on mobile contain several screens with different information. This article is intended for detailed understanding of navigation from one screen to another and back.

Before that, let’s understand what is a multipage application.

A multi page application is one where we create multiple screens with their own widgets with one of them being displayed at any point of time.

Most of the time, the screens are displayed based on user interactions, which is achieved using navigation functionalities.

Multi page Application Layout :

Everything is a widget in Flutter including the multi page applications. …

With a head full of dreams of doing something different and a heart full of giving back to the society what it has given me, I started my journey as a volunteer for the community, even before I participated in the community events as a participant. Here’s a person I always thank for all these opportunities, Shrreya, who motivated me, inspired me and gave me a bundle of opportunities.

I was amongst the core organisers from Cummins College of Engineering for Women for the Google Students Club and I was nominated for the same after some serious round of interview…

This document provides a detailed understanding for Flutter beginners to understand whats are Scaffolds and how they can make their apps look good visually by using Scaffold and its properties.

Understanding Scaffold :

Scaffold helps you implementing a basic layout structure for visual representation of the app.The Scaffold class provides APIs for showing AppBars, Drawers and Bottom Sheets.

Getting Started :

The Scaffold has three main parts and are optional. Your application design may have these fields optional as per the system design.

The three main parts of Scaffold are :

  1. App Bar
  2. Drawer
  3. Bottom sheet.

Let us understand each…

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