5+5 reasons why Flutter + Codemagic will own mobile application development world!

Nikita Gandhi
5 min readMar 12, 2019

The free open source SDK for cross platform mobile application development has taken no time to get popularity and appreciation amongst the developers. May it be a freelance developer or an enterprise, the pros that come complimentary with the SDK have gained popularity within no time in the market. Codemagic.io has supplemented this SDK with automation tools for creating teams, maintain workflows, perform automation testing and release a build for directly publishing on Play Store and App Store directly.

Here are 5 reasons how you can develop better and faster applications using Flutter :

  1. Developing attractive user interface : Flutter has a rich set of widgets that can be used and customised according to user requirements. Also, the widgets have a direct access to underlying components. This allows faster performance of application and transitions. Animations can be smoother and more practical to implement because of the easy to understand syntax.
  2. Lesser lines of code : In native android development where you had to maintain separate layout files and then also writing your code separately which has very very long syntax, Flutter can help you escape from this, thus adding to more productivity with faster development. With lesser lines of code which means lesser efforts, you can implement more features and develop a product rich of features.
  3. Providing solutions for 2 platforms with effort of single codebase : With the same lines of code, you can provide solutions for Android as well as iOS devices. This can save time if you are a start up and have limited resources. With minimum resources, you can quickly capture both the markets : that is, Android and iOS.
  4. Testing : Flutter has rich set of testing features. You can write test scripts and run using packages that support testing in Flutter. Flutter provides a solid testing framework which allows developers to write tests at unit, functional and UI level. Widget testing is one cool feature that Flutter provides to run UI tests as fast as unit tests. Flutter also has UI tests, known as integration tests, that run on the simulator or on real devices.
  5. Slow and Steady wins the race : Although Flutter has recently launched in the market, the existing market tools come with their own flaws. Since Flutter can directly access the underlying components the rendering of widgets in Flutter is faster. This adds to better performance of the application compared to applications developed using other cross platform or hybrid tools and technologies.

Top 5 features by Codemagic.io for smooth and speedy development :

In case there are multiple developers and testers in a team, the developed modules needs to tested and integrated. The development repository needs to be connected to a server. The team can access this server repository and execute actions accordingly. The idea of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Development (CD) can help in faster and smoother development by allowing multiple teams to function at the same time.
Here are 5 features why you should choose Codemagic.io for building enterprise level applications :

  1. Easy configuration : With Codemagic you can easily connect your repository in GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab with the platform without any extra set up steps or installations on your local machine. Since Codemagic.io fully performs on web channel, no browser extension or local set up is required.
  2. Team Notifications : With the build status and artifacts, the team can be notified using email or Slack Channel. This can help in maintaining communication in the team without any human efforts. Error messages or successful builds, everything can notified!
Example of build failed email notification.

3. Workflows : For separating the development, testing and release teams, Codemagic allows you to create separate work flows. This allows to standard and specific work process.

Creating teams in Codemagic.io

4. Testing Framework : To run Flutter test cases on every code change, we need a continuous integration server. The process of setting up the tests on a CI server usually requires setup and configuration, but with Codemagic it is simple, as :
a. Codemagic analyses the Flutter project and provides an option to enable the Flutter tests.
b. Codemagic also scans the code for integration tests and provides an option to enable the Flutter driver tests.

Test results with artifacts.

5. Automatic sign in and release for Android and iOS : To sign your iOS app, until now, you always needed a Mac OS. Codemagic has changed the history! The automatic code signing feature eliminates some of the steps required in conventional iOS code signing process by generating the signing certificate and a matching provisioning profile for you. Depending on the selected provisioning profile type, Codemagic will create a development or a distribution certificate and a development, Ad hoc or App store provisioning profile. This way, you can get signed builds that can be installed on real devices and distributed to App Store — without owning a Mac.

I have been using Flutter for more than a year now for various projects including enterprise level applications. So far, so good! With the complimentary platform generated by Codemagic.io, I hope seeing mobile application developers picking up Flutter for development and Codemagic for creating workflows, automation testing, releases and ruling the mobile application development market!

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